Curtis Institute of Music Receives $20 Million Gift

By Nicolas Quiroga

The Curtis Institute of Music received a donation of $20 million intended for the strategic direction of the school.

“Curtis has an unmatched track record, delivering musical excellence that has been experienced around the world and has demonstrated resilience and innovation. Our family is very proud to be supportive and we are fortunate to be able to help and promote the school in this way ”stated the donor in a press release. Per the release, the donor asked to remain anonymous.

CEO Roberto Díaz, President and CEO of Curtis, added, “We are honored by the generosity that the donor has shown to the Curtis community and we are filled with energy and faith by supporting our strategic initiatives that focus on innovation and reinvention of future careers. This gift marks a transformative moment and will have an impact on students for decades to come.”

The institution noted that the gift will be used toward implementing its goal of eliminating the need for students to incur loan debt for expenses while at Curtis. As of 2022-23, new and current students may apply for a Curtis grant to help with living expenses.

Additionally, the money will be used to invest in the school’s organ department. Through this gift, the institution will add commission a new organ for the school to replace the existing instrument in Field Concert Hall. There will also be an investment in the organ scholar program starting in 2022-23.