Creative Capital Announces $2.5 Million in Grants

By David Salazar

Creative Capital has announced that it has awarded $2.5 million in grants to support 50 new artists’ projects.

Among them are Du Yun’s “For Ever More – Future Tradition: An XR Opera Garden.” The work will bring Kunqu opera to life via augmented reality and web-based virtual reality.

Another recipient of the grant is “Apponte: An Opera,” a creation of Terersita Fernández, Bárbaro Martínez-Ruiz, and Ada Ferrer. The opera will focus on the life of 19th century carpenter Aponte who created a “Book of Paintings” to inspire an island-wide rebellion against slavery in Cuba.

Graham Haynes’ “Requiem for Young Black Men Assassinated by Police in America” was also awarded and features a 40-voice chorus and orchestra performing texts in English and Latin.

Another winner is Sam Tam Ham’s “Te Moana Meridian,” an experimental opera and proposal to the United Nations to relocation the international Prime Meridian from Greenwich, England to the opens waters of Te Moananui-a-Kiwa in the South Pacific Ocean.