Classics Explained Launches Unique New Animated Series Highlighting Essential Works

By David Salazar

Classics Explained has launched a series of new videos on its YouTube channel highlighting major works of the classical repertory.

The series, which includes episodes for Wagner’s Ring Cycle and Mozart’s “The Magic Flute,” presents these iconic works through humorous animated episodes aimed at appealing to younger audiences. The videos not only demystify the plots of the works, but also provide insightful historical background and other context to help better understand the works.

Per a press release, the channel has already garnered over 135,000 views for the first nine episodes in the series with 90 percent of viewers being under age 34.

“We set up Classics Explained to make classical music more accessible for those who think there’s a stigma attached to it that the music’s old-fashioned and unrelated to their cultural worldview. The response has been truly amazing. We’ve had an outpouring of both public and private messages from fans around the world, many of whom have never even listened to classical music before,” stated co-creator Ben Levy.

In addition to videos about the Wagner and Mozart classics, the series also boasts episodes on music by Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Dvorak, Holst, Debussy, and Prokofiev.

Check out the episodes for “The Magic Flute” and “The Ring Cycle” below.