City Lyric Opera to Showcase NYC Premiere of Lori Laitman & Leah Lax’s ‘Uncovered’

By David Salazar

City Lyric Opera is set to present the New York premiere of “Uncovered” starting on Nov. 16-19, 2022 at the HERE Arts Center.

The opera, which features a libretto by Leah Lax based on her memoir “Uncovered: How I Left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home,” was composed by Lori Laitman. The production will be conducted by Jackson McKinnon and will be directed by Beth Greenberg.

The cast will star Rachel Policar, Heather Jones, Sydney Anderson, Sara LeMesh, Rachael Brauenstein, Juliet Morris, Joanie Brittingham, Melanie Long, and Sophie Delphis.

“We hope audiences leave ‘Uncovered; inspired by Leah’s story and the authenticity in her decision making. Living your truth isn’t an easy path for anyone and we hope that by showcasing stories like ‘Uncovered’ we’re able to inspire audiences to learn to listen to their hearts in the lifelong quest to live unapologetically and authentically,” said Megan Gillis, Executive Director City Lyric Opera, in an official press statement.