Choral Arts Initiative to Kick Off 2022-23 Season with ‘Home’

By David Salazar

Choral Arts Initiative will kick off its 2022-23 season with “Home.”

The showcase, which takes place on Nov. 6 at St. Mark Presbyterian Church, will feature the world premieres of Dale Trumbore’s “The Opposites Game” for chorus and piano; Dylan Tran’s “Tupelo Poems;” Michael Gilbertson’s “Migration;” Ayanna Woods’ “To Propagate a Home;” Julia Adolphe’s “Whispers of Jasmine;” and Eric Whitacre’s “Home.”

“I believe that the curation of new works for this performance will inspire thoughtful reflections and commentary as we consider what “home” means to each of us,” Artistic Director Brandon Elliott said in an official press statement. “The music on this is distinctly diversified and each presents a unique compositional voice that listeners will find engaging and refreshing.”

Choral Arts Initiative’s goal for its 11th season is to answer major questions that have troubled the world over the past few years.