ChamberQUEER & Classical Uprising to Present ‘Messiah. Multiplied’

By David Salazar

ChamberQUEER and Classical Uprising are set to present the “Messiah. Multiplied” on Nov. 3-5, 2023.

The adaptation of Händel’s famed work will feature the organization alongside Oratorio Chorale.

“What is ‘Messiah?’ Handel’s ‘Messiah’ tells the story of one man’s work to make his world a better place. But what if ‘Messiah’ is not someone but something: an ethic of care, a movement of inclusivity? Using Handel’s original work, ‘Messiah.’ Multiplied. tells a story of struggle, transformation, and affirmation in our modern world, asking ‘What if Messiah is a change we can bring about together?,'” says ChamberQueer’s official press statement.

The Nov. 4 performance will take place at First Parish in Brunswick, Maine while the Nov. 5 showcase is scheduled for the Temple Beth El in Portland, Maine. Both start at 3 p.m. Both performances will include a pre-concert lecture and post-performance Q&A.

There will also be a pre-show event on Nov. 3 at the Portland Maine Museum of Art.