Regietheater or Werktreue – What Should Be the Role of Directors in Opera?

In a 2019 article, Lynn René Bayley castigated modern opera for its “bastardization” of its sacred origins. She declared that the post-modernist operatic aesthetic relies too much on brazen sexuality and enigmatic “shock-value,” with such dependencies producing nothing but “gutter trash” performances that are poisoning the artform’s contemporary credibility. After having expressed her disgust at Hans Neuenfels’ laboratory-themed take on Wagner’s {…}

Editorial: Tensions at Opera Royal de Wallonie-Liège Reveal Questionable Leadership from Stefano Pace

(Credit: © Jacques Croisier-Opéra Royal de Wallonie) This article was written in collaboration with Editor-in-Chief David Salazar. In February 2021, the Opera Royal de Wallonie-Liège was shattered by the premature death of its General and Artistic Director Stefano Mazzonis di Pralafera. Mazzonis di Pralafera held the position for 14 years, and thus inevitably left a considerable stamp on the opera {…}