Budapest Opera to Present The Ring Cycle

By Francisco Salazar

The Budapest Opera House is set to present the Ring cycle after 15 years.

The tetralogy will be presented for four weeks in November 2022 in a production staged by Géza M. Tóth. Balázs Kocsár will conduct a cast that includes Hungarian soloist István Kovácsházi, Szilvia Rálik, Eszter Sümegi, Zoltán Nyári, Tünde Szabóki, Mihály Kálmándy, Béla Perencz and Krisztián Cser.

Géza M. Tóth is a Béla Balázs Award recipient and Oscar nominee who began re-staging the entire Ring cycle at the Opera House in 2015 based on a unified concept, following a year of preparatory work.

The production features projections, sci-fi motifs, and approaches the story based on Germanic and Scandinavian mythological elements from today’s social issues.

The opera house presented the first three installments of the tetralogy in 2015, 2016, and 2017, while the premiere of Götterdämmerung could only take place in May 2022 due to the renovation of the historic Opera House.

The opera will be performed twice, every Saturday and once the following week: “Das Rheingold” on Nov. 5 & 9, “Die Walküre” on 12 & 16, “Siegfried” on the 19 & 23, and “Götterdämmerung.”