Beth Morrison Projects Offers Up Opera of Week Streaming Option

By David Salazar
(Credit: James Matthews Daniel)

Beth Morrison Projects is committed to presenting video performances of past productions directly on its official website as part of an “Opera of the Week” program.

The company announced that it would kick off the streaming service with “Dog Days,” a post-apocalyptic opera by Royce Vavrek and David T. Little.

“The themes of Dog Days – isolation, family, and compassion – feel not so distant from our current reality,” says a statement on the website. “We wanted to share ‘Dog Days’ freely and broadly to anyone who wants to watch. It may not bring solace, but it does what great art is meant to do: naming emotions we struggle to articulate, reflecting back truths of our daily lives, and meeting us where we are in these extraordinary times.”

The opera, which is directed by Robert Woodruff, features such singers as James Bobick, Marnie Breckenridge, Cherry Duke, Michael Marcotte, Peter Tantsits, Lauren Worsham, and performance artist John Kelly.