Bayreuth Festival Provides Update on Katharina Wagner’s Health

By David Salazar

Bayreuth Festival Director Katharina Wagner is reportedly stable in her battle with a “long-term illness.”

Per the Festival, “Katharina Wagner is still gravely ill though stable. The process of recovery will take several months.”

A few weeks back it was announced that Wagner would be stepping down from her position in order to deal with an unknown illness. She was promptly hospitalized without many details as to the nature of her condition.

Wagner has been at the head of the festival for over a decade and has been the sole leader since 2015. Her contract was recently extended through 2025.

In her absence, the reins of the company were initially handed over to Holger von Berg, though he has recently declined to extend his contract; the company is currently seeking out a new business director.

The festival has canceled its 2020 plans with its hotly anticipated Ring Cycle postponed until 2022.