Bancolombia’s Digital Theater to Present Cycle Celebrating Female Music Creators

By Nicolas Quiroga

Bancolombia’s Digital Platform, the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, through the District Institute of the Arts and the stage of the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo will broadcast a cycle of four shows celebrating female music creators from different genres through Mar. 30, 2023.

The Digital Theater has brought together the talents of the virtuoso Czech mezzo-soprano lyric singer Magdalena Konžená, American violinist Eunice Keem, Swiss conductor Leila Schayegh, and the Colombian leader of Tú Rockcito, Paula Ríos, for a series of shows dedicated to female creators in music.

The Venice Baroque Orchestra, an award-winning Italian group recognized for interpreting Baroque pieces, will accompany Konžená,

The violinist Keem will interpret Dutch composer Hermina Dijk’s Overture in D minor, Mussorsgsky’s “A Night on Bald Mountain,” a passage through terror and the grotesque, and Tchaikovsky’s “Francesca da Rimini,” based on an episode of the divine comedy.

Paula Ríos with Tu Rockcito will mix rock songs with children’s.

Under the direction of the Swiss violinist Leila Schayegh, the Bogotá Baroque Ensemble will present the works of this period together with great Colombian artists.