Bampton Classical Opera to Present ‘Monteverdi Christmas Vespers’

By David Salazar

Bampton Classical Opera has announced that it will present “Monteverdi Christmas Vespers” on Dec. 12, 2021 at St. Mary’s Church in Bampton, Oxfordshire.

The showcase will feature the Bampton Classical Voices under conductor Andrew Griffiths performing music by Monteverdi, interspersed with motets by Croce, Grandi, G. Gabrielli, A. Gabrielli, Merulo, and Bassano aimed at telling the Christmas story.

This is the latest performance in the company’s 2021 season which was dedicated to the music of Gluck. The company presented “The Crown” in late May followed by “Paris and Helen” throughout the summer months.

The company is also set to hold its Young Singers’ Competition on Nov. 28. The competition is open to singers between the ages of 21-32.