Austria Junior Minister of Culture Resigns

By Francisco Salazar
Austria’s junior minister  for culture, Ulrike Lunacek, has  quit under pressure from theater directors and performers over a lack of urgency in reopening cultural venues.Over the few weeks Austria has loosened it lockdown opening shops, bars, and some museums, no steps have been taken to open the cultural and theatrical venues. Lunacek came under fire for not treating the sector urgently.

In a news conference Lunacek said, “I noticed in the course of this week that the discontent and the disappointment of many in the field of art and culture … was not abating. On the contrary. I have decided to step down from the office of the secretary of state. I am making way for another person who will hopefully achieve more in this crisis situation than I could.”

Over the past weeks Austria has canceled major events such as the Salzburg Whitsun Festival and the remainder of the Wiener Staatsoper’s 2019-20 season. According to reports large events have been banned until August 31 but the Salzburg Festival has yet to be canceled and the Grafenegg Festival announced it will continue as planned. The Bregenz Festival also plans on running this summer.