Australian Opera Star Joins ‘Advertrader’

By David Salazar

Opera singer Jud Arthur has announced that he has decided to invest in “Advertrader,” a “one-stop shop” that provides businesses and organizations with all their advertising needs. 

“Advertrader” was founded by financial marketer Rupert Hadlowtalent agent Mark Hedger, and a team of seasoned advertising and sponsorship professionals.

Businesses are struggling to findalternative options when it comes to advertising, that’swhere I think Advertrader can step in and provide a solution. Our platform allows brands to search forideas, offers and advertising opportunities locally orglobally, ”said Arthur said in a new press release.

Arthur, who was once also a rugby player, has performed with a wide range of opera companies including Opera Australia, West Australian Opera, Victorian Opera, State Opera of South Australia, Queensland Opera, and New Zealand Opera, among others.