Audrey Luna Makes Metropolitan Opera History

By Francisco Salazar

Audrey Luna has broken a Metropolitan Opera record.

According to the New York Times, the soprano gets to hit the highest note recorded in the Metropolitan Opera’s history. The note in question is an A natural above the High C at the beginning of Thomas Adès’ “The Exterminating Angel.”

The note is the first sound that Luna has to sing when she gets on stage making for a daunting task. According to Luna, “I’ve practiced up to a C above high C in the past. So I know it’s in me. But it’s just nothing I’ve performed on any stage before.”

According to composer Adeè, “The note, the range, the tessitura, is a metaphor for the ability to transcend these psychological and invisible boundaries that have grown up around them.”

Adès is known for pushing the limits and Luna has been up to the challenge as she sang numerous Highs Gs in “The Tempest” at the Met.

“The Exterminating Angel” runs through Nov. 21 and also stars David Portillo, Christian Van Horn, Amanda Echalaz, Joseph Kaiser, Frederic Antoun, Sophie Bevan and Alice Coote.