Atelier d’Excellence to Launch Accademia d’Opera Italiana

By David Salazar

The Atelier d’Excellence, a career consulting organization for opera singers, is set to launch the Accademia d’Opera Italiana between Oct. 5-20.

The Accademia will feature a faculty of U.S. and European mentors including conductors, opera singers, stage directors, theater managers, and vocal coaches. The program will climax with an online Opera Gala with exceptional singers awarded the “Prix Atelier d’Excellence” and numerous scholarships.

There will also be a panel on Oct. 20, 2020 entitled “Meet the entrepreneurs” featuring Kofi Hayford of Diction Buddy, Eugenia Forteza of 360° of Opera, and Yvonne Prentki of Conscious Performer.

The Atelier d’Excellence was founded by Maria Zoi at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown with the aim of helping artists find the appropriate tools to develop their own artistic journey and gain independence in an ever-changing economic landscape. The Atelier d’Excellence team provides individual consultations, webinars, and events to meet its goals.

“AdE’s mission is to provide a fair and collegial environment in which artists can grow,” says the organizations official press release. “Drawing on the experience of hand-selected mentors with world-class experience, the atelier’s objective is to prepare emerging Opera singers for the demands of the job market which may be briefly covered during an academic education. Mentors, who are actively engaged in the business, concentrate on perfecting singing skills in line with market demands.