Ars Lyrica Houston & Express Children’s Theater to Feature ‘Maria’s Magical Music Adventure’

By Nicolas Quiroga

Ars Lyrica Houston and Express Children’s Theater will present “Maria’s Magical Music Adventure,” starting on May 27 and 31, 2023 at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center.

“Maria’s Magical Music Adventure” is an adaptation of the children’s book of the same name by writer Emma Kent Wine. It follows the journey of María, a young Latina, and her brother Carlos as they travel through time. Guided by Allegra, a magical violinist, they encounter the composer Antonio Vivaldi, who is in the process of composing “The Four Seasons.” Through their encounters, they discover the power of music and the importance of finding one’s own voice.

The production features four violinists and actors who bring the story to life. With engaging storytelling and live classical music, the performance promises to inspire and delight both children and adults. The play is written with original music and arrangements by Tim Fried-Fiori and Emma Kent Wine, directed by Tim Fried-Fiori, and showcases the talents of musicians Rachel Shukan, Darian West, Coral Hernández, and Andrés González.

There will be additional performances on June and June 8 at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park, and October 19 at the Miller Outdoor Theater.