Antonio Pappano, Simon Rattle, Barbara Hannigan & Fabio Luisi Among Signatories Petitioning Against the Canceling of Russian Artists

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Karen Almond / Metropolitan Opera)

One hundred and nineteen artists and conductors are signing a petition to end the war and end the boycott against boycotting Russian artists.

The petition, which is signed by such prominent artists as Antonio Pappano, Mark Elder, Simon Rattle, Franz Welser-Möst, Cornelius Meister, Dmitri Tcherniakov, Barrie Kosky, Matthew Rose, Fabio Luisi, Barbara Hannigan, and Anne Schwanewilms, states, “The unconscionable war that Putin’s totalitarian regime has unleashed against sovereign Ukraine, where Russian tanks and missiles are targeting innocent civilians, cannot be justified in any way. Bombing and assaulting civilian objects, such as hospitals, schools, theaters, universities, libraries, or churches, are war crimes, crimes against humanity, and must be unequivocally condemned without exception….”

The petition also noted, “The suffering of all those affected by this atrocious war is beyond measure. We understand that in these circumstances our appeal below may not be considered of the highest priority and, perhaps, even seem somewhat irrelevant or offensive to some – the paramount issue is, after all, to stop the war now and rebuild lives – but nevertheless, we would like to share our point of view. We fully endorse the sanctions and diplomatic pressure being brought against Putin’s regime and its henchmen, against its advocates, propagandists, and information manipulators whose links to Putin and his government are clearly documented. However, not all Russians and Belarusians, and certainly not all cultural figures of these two nations, support this terrible invasion. Therefore, we find it unjust to condemn Russians or Belarusians for the actions of the dictator and his supporters without any direct evidence of their collusion.”

Here is a list of all the signatories :

1.                   Vladimir Jurowski

2.                   Sir Simon Rattle

3.                   Sir Mark Elder

4.                   Sir Antonio Pappano

5.                   Franz Welser-Möst

6.                   Edward Gardner

7.                   Robin Ticciatti

8.                   Omer Meir Wellber

9.                   Titus Engel

10.               Cornelius Meister

11.               Brett Dean

12.               Serge Dorny

13.               Simon McBurney

14.               Andreas Homoki

15.               Barrie Kosky

16.               Tobias Kratzer

17.               Benedict Andrews

18.               Claus Guth

19.               Dmitri Tcherniakov

20.               Simon Halsey

21.               Gijs Leenaars

22.               Justin Doyle

23.               Ralf Sochaczewsky

24.               Barbara Hannigan

25.               Efim Bronfman

26.               Leonidas Kavakos

27.               Frank Peter Zimmermann

28.               Nicola Benedetti

29.               Patricia Kopatchinskaja

30.               David Geringas

31.               Lars Vogt

32.               Antje Weithaas

33.               Dmitry Sitkovetsky

34.               Boris Garlitsky

35.               Christian Tetzlaff

36.               Tanja Tetzlaff

37.               Alban Gerhardt

38.               Jan Vogler

39.               Ian Bostridge

40.               Julian Prégardien

41.               Clemens Schuldt

42.               Sabine Devieilhe

43.               Isabelle Faust

44.               Alexander Melnikov

45.               Boris Giltburg

46.               Sharon Kam

47.               Elisaveta Blumina

48.               Alexander Gordon

49.               Gabriella Teychenne

50.               Markus Becker

51.               Isabel Karajan

52.               Dagmar Manzel

53.               Thomas Sanderling

54.               Michael Sanderling

55.               Boris Filanovsky

56.               Anton Safronov

57.               Sergej Newski

58.               Alexander Meraviglia-Crivelli

59.               Alice Sarah Ott

60.               Thomas Reif

61.               Renaud Capuçon

62.               Christian Gerhaher

63.               Alfonso Aijon

64.               Maurizio Baglini

65.               David Afkham

66.               Patrick Lange

67.               Anne Schwanewilms

68.               Silvia Colasanti

69.               Peter Paul Kainrath

70.               James Gaffigan

71.               Philippe Quint

72.               Wynton Marsalis

73.               Matthew Rose

74.               Alison Balsom

75.               John Daszak

76.               Matthias Goerne

77.               Maria Dribinsky

78.               Marina Davydova

79.               Yan Dribinsky

80.               Jacob Reuven

81.               Sasha Waltz

82.               Jochen Sandig

83.               Leif Ove Andsnes

84.               Christine Fischer

85.               Alice Lackner

86.               Vitali Alekseenok

87.               Victor Copytsko

88.               Angelina Tkacheva

89.               Andreas Bräutigam

90.               Georges Edelman

91.               Helen Collyer

92.               Arne Jansen

93.               Shi-Yeon Sung

94.               Mauro Bucarelli

95.               Thomas Ostermeier

96.               Johannes Klumpp

97.               Karsten Witt

98.               Fabio Luisi

99.               Peter Phillips

100.           Matteo D’Amico

101.           Daniele Abbado

102.           Kristjan Järvi

103.           Rinaldo Alessandrini

104.           Carlo Rizzi

105.           Alexander Gadjiev

106.           Paolo Carignani

107.           Toni Florio

108.           Timothy Brock

109.           Antonino Fogliani

110.           Jacopo Spirei

111.           Paolo Pinamonti

112.           Roberto Scandiuzzi

113.           Alex Ollé

114.           Tabea Zimmermann

115.           Valerio Tura

116.           Steven Sloane

117.           Elena Dubinets

118.           Philippe Manoury

119.           Winrich Hopp