Anna Netrebko Set to Return to the Berlin State Opera in 2023

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: tim osipov)

Anna Netrebko will return to the Berlin State Opera in 2023.

According to B.Z. Berlin, the soprano will perform with the company in autumn of 2023 following conversations with the General Director Matthias Schulz.

Schulz said, “It was and is important for us to distance ourselves from the invasion, which violates international law. That’s what Anna Netrebko did with her statement at the end of March. Anna Netrebko is an outstanding singer, and she has had a long-standing artistic partnership with the State Opera. That’s why I announced at the time that I wanted to speak to her directly. That has now happened and it was an important and differentiated exchange. We are talking about performances from autumn 2023.”

Schulz added, “On the one hand, full solidarity with Ukraine is important to me, and on the other hand, dealing with our artists responsibly.”

The news comes a few months after Netrebko withdrew from a new production of “Turandot.” On March 3, the company released a statement noting, “Anna Netrebko has withdrawn her participation in the new production of ‘Turandot’ in June 2022. This is the result after the Staatsoper Unter den Linden asked the artist to distance herself from the war that the Russian government has launched against Ukraine, which violates international law. We value Anna Netrebko as an outstanding artist and we have a long-standing artistic partnership with her. At the same time, in view of this brutal war, we see no possibility for a continuation of this collaboration. It is important for us to emphasize that Russian artists will continue to perform with us and that it is especially important now not to prejudge thoughtlessly and to strengthen the cohesion in our society. At this time, our sympathy goes unreservedly to all those who are suffering as a result of this catastrophe.”

Following the withdrawal and Netrebko’s statement in March distancing herself from Putin, Schulz said that she had withdrawn on her own account and that he would speak with her directly and he would wait and see. He also noted that he would still work with Russian artists.

Netrebko next sings at the Arena di Verona and is expected to return to Paris Opera and Teatro alla Scala during the 2022-23 season.