Anita Rachvelishvili Releases Statement Regarding Salzburg Festival Cancelation

By Francisco Salazar

Anita Rachvelishvili has released a statement regarding her cancelation at the Salzburg Festival in a production of “Aida.”

The mezzo-soprano said, “My dear friends! Since there is lots of misunderstanding and talks about my cancellations in the last few months I wanted to let you know that I am well! My body is not in full singing shape after the birth of Lileana. I had a Natural and difficult birth! I still have terrible pain in my back sometimes and I am doing physiotherapy and pilates to help myself and my diaphragm to work again like before and even better! My voice is healthy and sounds like always! I’ve been trying too hard since January to get back in shape but I will not be back till I feel that I am perfectly in shape!”

She continued, “So please stop inventing stories about me losing my voice or nonsense like this! I will be back very very very soon and I hope those who understand how difficult is to be a mother and singer will be there to support and give positivity! Many “thanks” to all haters and even some colleagues who go around talking s….t. What goes around comes around.”

In the past months, the mezzo has been open about her difficulties after giving birth and has canceled productions in London, Milan, and Berlin, among others. Back in March, she said, “After 2+ years of pandemic and very difficult pregnancy I felt that I have to be back as soon as possible to be able to support my family and our little angel, but my body is just not working yet.”

Rachvelishvili is set to return to the stage in the fall for a production of “Samson et Dalila” at the Teatro San Carlo.