Andrea Bocelli Opens Up About COVID-19 Experience

By David Salazar
(Image Source: Facebook / Andrea Bocelli)

Famed tenor Andrea Bocelli has opened up about his experience with COVID-19.

The tenor published a statement on his social media page noting that he and certain family members had contracted the deadly disease, but that they have managed to make a speedy recovery.

“The pandemic which has shaken the world has also affected – albeit mildly – me and certain members of my family,” Bocelli shared. “Out of respect for those for whom contracting the virus has had more serious consequences, I decided it would be best not to share the news. I certainly didn’t want to unnecessarily alarm my fans and also wished to protect my family’s privacy.

“We were fortunate enough to have a swift and full recovery by the end of March.”

The famed singer also noted that he was quick to donate blood when given the opportunity in hopes of helping find a cure for the disease.

Per his official website and social media, Bocelli is set to return to the concert stage in September with a concert tour set for early 2021.