Ammodo Docs to Explore Digital Convergence for ‘In Between Realities’ Documentary

By Logan Martell

On April 7, 2023, Ammodo Docs will present Michel van der Aa’s documentary “In Between Realities.”

Directed by Carin Goeijiers, this multidisciplinary work explores themes of the digital age, along with questions on the border between human consciousness and machines. The work comes as part of Ammodo Docs, a series of short documentaries about innovators of arts and science, with cinematography by Jefrim Rothuizen, Rogiers Timmermans, and Goeijiers.

As a composer, Van der Aa seeks to find new and inventive ways to draw audiences into different worlds through multimedia works. He received the Johannes Vermeer Prize in 2015 and the 2022 International Opera Award for best digital opera for his work “Upload.”

The documentary has a runtime of 17 minutes and is available in Dutch or English.