American Opera Project to Present Season Two of Adrienne Danrich’s ‘Music as the Message’

By David Salazar

The American Opera Project has announced the second season of “Music as the Message.”

On Nov. 14, 2021, the organization will present “Fall in With Love” to open its new season. The hybrid performance, which will include in-person and Virtual events will take place at Broadway Presbyterian Church and stars soprano Adrienne Danrich alongside the Message Ensemble and such artists as Marsha Thompson, Blythe Gaissert, Andrew Garland, James Moore, Violetta Zabbi, Brian Shankar Adler, Dwight Howard, Peter Siedenberg, and Broadway Presbyterian pastor, Chris Shelton.

The program will be a reflection on “Love” and will feature family friendly songs, opera arias, and spoken word.

“Broadway Presbyterian Church is delighted to be in partnership with Adrienne Danrich and Music as the Message. We share a common vision — that music is a fundamental facet of self-expression as human beings, and therefore a fundamental part of building community. Music has the capacity to bring people together across our many lines of difference. Music helps us hear what harmony sounds and feels like, and if we can hear it, maybe we can learn to live it,” Shelton said in a press statement.