Alessio Vlad Named President of Fondazione Ravello

By Francisco Salazar

Maestro Alessio Vlad has been named the President della Fondazione Ravello.

Vlad has collaborated with the foundation on several occasions and has a connection to the Ravello Festival on a personal and familial level.

In a statement Michele Guerra and Luciano Messi, President and Sovrintendente of the Teatro Regio di Parma, respectively, said, “We are very happy for this further recognition to our highly appreciated artistic director. The prestigious assignment takes nothing away from the collaboration of Maestro Alessio Vlad with the Teatro Regio of Parma and will bring about qualified national and international relations.”

Vlad has been a Musical  Consultant of Spoleto’s Festival of Two Worlds and Artistic Director of Ancona’s Teatro delle Muse as well as an Artistic Director of the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genova,  and the Teatro di San Carlo in Napoli. He has also worked with the Teatro Donizetti of Bergamo and the Accademia Filarmonica Romana.