Ailyn Pérez, Matthew Polenzani Among 100 Singers Join Forces for Campbell & Moravec’s ‘Light Shall Lift Us’

By David Salazar

Over 100 singers came together for a video performance of “Light Shall Lift Us,” a work by librettist Mark Campbell and composer Paul Moravec.

The duo, which has worked together on “The Shining” proposed the idea to Marc Scorca of Opera America, who embraced the idea and helped put together the 107 artists who would eventually record their individual parts from home. The video was then edited together to showcase all the performers onscreen together at once.

The performers include Javier Abreu, Danielle Beckvermit, Daniel Belcher, Andrew Bidlack, Matt Boehler, Amanda Lynn Bottoms, Liz Bouk, Marnie Breckenridge, Erica Brookhyser, Raehann Bryce-Davis, William Burden, Jennifer Johnson Cano, Leonardo Capalbo, Joyce Castle, Lisa Chavez, Hailey Clark, Sarah Coit, Troy Cook, Sasha Cooke, Olivia Cosío, Tara Curtis, Adrienne Danrich, Joseph Dennis, Mary Dunleavy, Jason Ferrante, Jessica Fishenfeld, Emily Fons, Daryl Freedman, Blake Friedman, Joseph Gaines, Blythe Gaissert, Priti Gandhi, Sara Gartland, Eve Gigliotti, Nathan Granner, Devon Guthrie, Jasmine Habersham, Sam Handley, Roger Honeywell, Soloman Howard, Briana Elyse Hunter, Craig Irvin, Zachary James, Keith Jameson, Jessica E. Jones, Michael Kelly, Maya Kherani, Michael Kuhn, Claire Kuttler, Tesia Kwarteng, Sarah Larsen, Anna Laurenzo, Victoria Livengood, Cecilia Violetta López, Zulimar López-Hernández, Alexandra Loutsion, Daniela Mack, Amanda Majeski, Alex Mansoori, Trevor Martin, Robert Wesley Mason, Aundi Marie Moore, John Moore, Dylan Morrongiello, Brian James Myer, Miles Mykkanen, Luis Alejandro Orozco, Edward Parks, Ailyn Pérez, Dimitri Pittas, Matthew Polenzani, David Portillo, Stephen Powell, Katherine Pracht, Gabriel Preisser, Emily Pulley, Elise Quagliata, Brenda Rae, Zoie Reams, Morris Robinson, Lisa Marie Rogali, Adrian Rosas, Annie Rosen, Jordan Rutter, Christian Sanders, Lucy Schaufer, Laurel Semerdjian, Alek Shrader, Benjamin Sieverding, Jake Stamatis, Dane Suarez, Jack Swanson, Talise Trevigne, Richard Troxell, Maria Valdes, Jamie Van Eyck, Miguel Angel Vasquez, Craig Verm, Yunpeng Wang, Andrew Wilkowske, William Ferguson, Karin Wolverton, Caroline Worra, Matthew Worth, Wei Wu, Adriana Zabala, and Jennifer Zetlan.

“Mark and I are profoundly grateful to the amazing artists who came together for this performance,” said Moravec in a press release. “Through the redemptive beauty of music, we hope to bring some light into the world at this arduous time. We want to remind folks that in this pandemic, everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. These eminent artists are still just as crucial as they were when this ordeal began, and they will be even more essential when we emerge together on the other side.”

Campbell added that “Paul and I originally wrote ‘Light Shall Lift Us’ for an event I helped organize with Opera Orlando following the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016. It was later performed on New Year’s Eve that year by the cathedral choir of St. John the Divine. The song’s message of hope and resilience during these crushing times – and Paul’s glorious setting of the words – is something the music world needs to hear right now.”