Academy of Ancient Music Goes on Tour with Program to Honor Ignatius Sancho

By David Salazar

The Academy of Ancient Music will present “Sons of England” as part of a tour throughout the U.K. between May 25-31, 2024.

The program aims to honor the work of Ignatius Sancho, the first-known Black Briton to vote; he was also an author and composer. The performance features “From Ignatius Sancho,” the first commission for historical instruments since the early 2000s. The work is composed by Roderick Williams.

“When composing a new work for a period instrument ensemble, I challenge myself to write something that suggests period instruments first, rather than something that could actually be better realized on modern instruments,” Williams noted in an official press statement. “One aspect of writing for such an ensemble is the players’ immense skill and specific training. Their years spent honing their craft and understanding of historical techniques is something I want to celebrate.”

The program also features works by Purcell and Händel. Countertenor Reginald Mobley will solo on the program. Laurence Cummings conducts.

There will be performances in Cambridge, Liverpool, London, and Bristol.