New York Opera Fest 2017: On Site Opera Presents ‘La Mère Coupable’

(Credit: On Site Opera) The Guilty Mother will be showcased this summer.

Opera on Site (OSO) partners with the Darius Milhaud Society and the world renowned International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) to bring to life the U.S. premiere of “La Mere Coupable” (The Guilty Mother) as part of the 2017 New York Opera Fest.

On June 20 and 22 at 7:00 p.m. EST, Darius Milhauds’ fully staged work will be showcased at the Garage in the Manhattan. The performance will celebrate the 125 birthday of Milhaud and is dedicated to Katharine Warne, composer and founder of the Darius Milhaud Society.

The premiere of “La Mere Coupable” at OSO will also mark the completion of the company’s three-year Figaro Project. As part of this, the operatic company staged lesser-known adaptations of the French playwright Beaumarchais’ (1732-1799) famed trilogy of Figaro plays.

The musical director of the performance is Geoffrey McDonald. As part of his goal of working with OSO, Geoffrey has worked in presenting original or less popular works. He recently worked for The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia in their 2016-2017 season.

Joining him will be stage director Eric Einhorn, lighting designer Shawn Kaufman, and costume designer Beth Goldenberg.  The cast will include, Jennifer Black as Rosina, Amy Owens as Florestine, Marie Lenormand as Suzanne, Andrew Owens as Leon, Adam Cannedy as Count, Marcus DeLouch as Figaro, Matthew Burns as Bégearss, and last but not least, Christian Zaremba as Master Fal.

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