Artist Of The Week: Thea Musgrave Celebrates Her 90th Birthday

Thea Musgrave is one of Britain’s most distinguished composers known for more than 160 pieces, including 13 operas, 11 choral works, and 21 orchestral works. Her work has been performed all over the world and she has garnered great respect in the classic musical world. And this week, she celebrates her prolific 70-year career with her 90th birthday.

After a remarkable career, her birthday will be celebrated with a concert showcasing some of the most popular works including “Mary Queen of Scots,” “Simon Bolivar,” and “Harriet the Woman Called Moses.” The concert will also feature the US premiere of Musgrave’s “The Voices of Our Ancestors” and the world premiere of “La Vida es Sueño.”  The concert will be the first of many. It will also be the first of many concerts over the next two seasons where orchestras, choirs, and conservatories across Europe and the US will be performing her work to mark the occasion of her 90th birthday.

Over the years, Musgrave wrote 10 large-scale and several chamber operas including  “The Voice of Ariadne” and followed by “Mary, Queen of Scots,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Harriet, The Woman Called Moses,” and “Simón Bolívar.” She is also known for writing numerous concertos and orchestral works.


For those not familiar with Musgraves work, there are numerous recordings out there including “Mary Queen of Scots” with the Virginia Opera, her Clarinet Concerto, and numerous choral works.

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