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OperaWire is the PLACE where opera lovers get all the latest news, interviews and reviews from around the world. We cover every important aspect of the opera world from season announcements to Indie Opera to important live streams.

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Over the past year, our brand has grown rapidly as the go-to source for opera news. Our articles have been shared by artists all around the world as well as by many important companies. We work hand and hand with said companies and artists to provide up-to-date coverage on the opera world, garnering a  readership spread across the entire world, with our most prominent readership in North America and Europe.
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We want you to reach your particular target market and consumer base. For this reason, OperaWire is offering organizations the opportunity to purchase ads that are targeted specifically to their audiences, regardless of location. Do you want to target people in just one city? Or state? Country? Continent? We can do it and we can do it by accommodating your budgetary requirements.
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