Wandsworth Art Fringe to Present ‘Gaṅgā’

By David Salazar

The Wandsworth Art Fringe is set to premiere “Gaṅgā“ this June.

The opera, composed by Jataneel Banerjee, takes a classic tale but retells it from the female perspective. The opera follows the eponymous character, a powerful but helpless goddess, who is born mortal and must break the heart of her beloved Shantanu and keep one of her sons on earth.

“Gaṅgā is a story of sacrifice and unfulfilled love, but it’s also a story of empowerment,” Banerjee said in an official press statement for the performance. “I wanted to give a voice to this powerful goddess and tell the story from her perspective, which is often overlooked in traditional narratives of the Mahabharata.”

The first performance is slated for June 17, 2023, at National Opera Studio in London. The second, scheduled for June 25, will take place at the Royal Academy of Dance, also in London. The duration of the show is approximately 90 minutes.