Tchaikovsky Competition Receives Applications from 41 Countries

The Tchaikovsky Competition has announced that it has received 742 applications from 41 different countries. The directorate said that participants signed up from such countries as Russia, China, South Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the USA, Uzbekistan, France, Spain, Serbia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Canada, Australia, Armenia, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Singapore, Switzerland, Austria, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, {…}

World Federation of International Music Competitions Expels Tchaikovsky Competition

The World Federation of International Music Competitions has expelled the Tchaikovsky Competition from its membership. President Peter Paul Kainrath and Secretary-General Florian Riem said in a letter, “In a vote following its Extraordinary General Assembly held on 13 April 2022, the World Federation of International Music Competitions has decided with an overwhelming majority of member votes to exclude the International {…}

The International Tchaikovsky Competition Reveals 9 Vocal Finalists For 2019

The finalists for the Tchaikovsky Competition have been announced. In sum, there are nine singers, five of them from Russia, three from Asia, and only one other singer from a European country. The five Russians include Aigul Khismatullina, Maria Motoligina, Oksana Mayorova, Maria Barajova, and Migran Agagzanyan. South Korean Gihoon Kim, Mongolian Enkhbold Ankkhbayar, and Ubekistani Angelina Akhmedova represent the {…}