Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra Announces Beethoven Ninth Freedom Tour

The Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra, under conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson will head back on tour this summer. The ensemble will present Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at concert halls across Europe with amendments to reflect the geopolitical moment. “The decision to sing Schiller’s great text for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Ukrainian was an important artistic and wider cultural statement for us,” Wilson said in {…}

Anna Netrebko’s Management Speaks Out Regarding AP Corrections on Keri-Lynn Wilson’s Teatro Colon Statements

Following Keri-Lynn Wilson’s statements to the associated press regarding her upcoming performances at the Teatro Colon, Anna Netrebko’s management is speaking out. In an interview with the Associated Press, Wilson said that she had refused to perform with Netrebko because of the singer’s refusal to condemn Vladimir Putin for the invasion of Ukraine. The interview also noted that Wilson would {…}