Online Classical Voice Competition Boris Martinovich Reportedly Used Singers’ Materials Without Consent

By David Salazar

The Online Classical Voice Competition Boris Martinovich has reportedly used the identities of several singers’ identities without their permission.

In an extensive investigation, The Middleclass Artist spoke to several “contestants” who suddenly found their names, videos, and other related information being used to prop up the competition.

Among the artists who spoke to The Middleclass Artist were mezzo-soprano Hannah Elizabeth Jones, tenor José Cardenas, soprano Melanie Spector, and even famed mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves-Montgomery, who was listed as a jury member for the competition.

“I have no information on this whatsoever,” Graves-Montgomery stated in the report. “I was asked by Boris months ago and I asked him to send me info about it but until now I have received nothing. Boris and I sang together a lot in Europe but I haven’t seen him in years. I have NO information about the competition- I’d actually forgotten about it.”

In the conclusion of its report, The Middleclass Artist also notes that it reached out directly to competition organizer Boris Martinovich, who quickly noted that he was unaware of how this situation arose and that there was an ongoing investigation within the organization.

Read the full report here.