Polina Lyapustina

An opera journalist from Lithuania, Polina Lyapustina joined OperaWire in 2018 with her reviews and interviews throughout Europe. Since 2019, she focused on Editorial content, concentrating on the social, economical, and political issues of the opera industry. In 2020 Polina kicked off her Criticisms on Friday series. She also writes editorial materials for printed magazines, such as Bravissimo, Nwind, and Nemunas.

Born in Russia, Polina holds a Master’s degree in Economics and works as a product designer in the early stage startups. During her university studies, she started to work with visual arts, and later opened her own gallery of contemporary art and design. She has written art criticism for Russian Art Newspaper, Hypertext, and Sobaka magazine.

Her opera journalism experience started after she moved to Lithuania. Being impressed by the art form, she could still see so many things to improve — so with her essays, she tries to design this industry. She travels across Europe, trying to catch the most engaging operatic performances, and writes for OperaWire since 2018. She also keeps abreast of modern indie operas and writes Editorial content since 2019.