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Over the last few years, we have become increasingly impassioned by this wondrous art form called opera. Despite being seen by many as a dying art form, we firmly believe that opera is in fact, not necessarily taking a U-Turn back to a golden age, but making a sharp left turn in a new direction.

A direction that like many other great art forms has featured the rise of a new breed of artists. Artists that not only have captivating voices but make us feel with their visceral stage presence. Opera, once known for the static bodies floating ethereal voices onstage, is very much alive in a physical sense.

The art form has also seen the growth of an entrepreneurial movement, one in which the art form is no longer just a place of exclusivity for those deemed “high brow” but also one that can reach out to people in more popular venues, whether it be cafes, art galleries or even living rooms.

And for those thinking that the musical dimension of the art form died in the early 20th century, just bear witness to the influx of new musical voices that are seeing their works performed globally at the most prestigious theaters there are.

Yes, opera is thriving. And Opera Wire came about as a desire to take in as much of it and allow the passionate fan base access to everything this wondrous art form has to offer. On a daily basis, we will offer the latest news from around the world while also providing readers with greater insight through interviews with prominent artists, reviews and other detailed features.

Our News section will provide readers with daily news, previews for upcoming performances and other major announcements from the world’s greatest operas and companies. We will feature Interviews with top artists, rising stars and the magicians that work behind the scenes to bring opera lovers the great experiences they cherish in our Stage Spotlight and Behind the Scenes sub-sections while IndieOpera will provide news, interviews and other highlights from the grassroots opera scene around the world. High Notes will be dedicated to special features and analysis on great artists, events and works of the operatic canon. Finally, we will feature our own Reviews for major performances and CD and DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

Prior to starting this company, we both had the opportunity of covering opera at Latin Post, where we interviewed such prominent stars as Placido Domingo, Anna Netrebko, Diana Damrau, Vittorio Grigolo and Kristine Opolais among many others.

We want to thank all of our readers and look forward to your feedback in hopes of making Opera Wire a destination for those that love this art form as much as we do. And for those that do not, we hope that we can help cultivate the same passion that we have seen grow over the years.

David Salazar (Editor-in-Chief) & Francisco Salazar (Publisher)

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2 Responses

  1. David, I was disappointed when I no longer saw your reviews referenced in Needless to say, I was happy to stumble across you on operawire. I always enjoyed reading your reviews since they were educational, informative, tended to focus on singers rather than scenery or directors, and unbiased. You never seemed to have an axe to grind. Best of luck on your new venture.

  2. I enjoyed very much your interview with Clay Hilley, which offered many interesting insights into this talented young singer. In the article, I was incorrectly listed as being the Chairman of the Wagner Society of New York, which gives the mistaken impression that I head up the organization. In fact, my title is Artistic Director of Singers Programs, and Nathalie Wagner is the President of the organization. WSNY would be appreciative if you could correct this. Thank you for your fine work and for the fine interview.

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