Sweets By Kate

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OperaRox Productions 2016-17 Review – Sweets by Kate: An Uneven Work Makes History At Stonewall
Tucked away in the Legendary Greenwich Village gay bar, Stonewall, the New York premiere of "Sweets by Kate" was being held. The opera was not only making a New York premiere but it was also the first opera with lesbian protagonists to be shown at the historic LGBT monument. OperaRox Productions, an underground, indie opera company founded by mezzo-soprano Kim Feltkamp, seeks to be a leader in making new, groundbreaking opera…
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Pride Month 2017: A Look At The LGBT Operas In History
June marks the start of Pride Month, a month dedicated to commemorating the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969. As a result, many pride events occur to honor the achievements of LGBT individuals. This month OperaWire will also dedicate a section to honoring LGBT individuals, operas, and achievements. It is our goal to bring visibility to works that have long been neglected and that need to be brought…
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Bringing New Life to Opera – How OperaRox’s Kimberly Feltkamp Hopes To Switch Up the Indie Opera Scene
“A lot of the time it’s just like jumping off a cliff because you don’t know how it’s going to go,” said Kimberly Feltkamp, the general manager of OperaRox Productions in a recent conversation with OperaWire. “I didn’t conceive of it as a company when I started it,” Feltkamp added. But strong reception to her initial project with OperaRox in 2015 created a snowball effect that has now allowed the burgeoning…