simon estes

High Notes On This Day
The Defining Roles of Simon Estes’ Metropolitan Opera Career
Simon Estes, born on March 2, 1938, did not have an easy career path. While the bass-baritone succeeded in Europe in his early years, the United States didn’t take too well to him. He was only accepted for minor roles at most prominent theaters and it wasn’t until 1981, 16 years after his professional debut, that the Metropolitan Opera offered him a contract. The situation was so challenging for black…
Black History Month High Notes
Black History Month 2017 Part 3: Historical Black Singers That Changed the Opera World
For the past two weeks we have honored the black singers making strides in today’s diverse opera world. But unfortunately, as has been the case in many social situations, the opera world was not always that diverse and the black community was not always a lock for representation on the biggest stages. But throughout the years major operatic pioneers manage to not only gain footing in this industry but forever…