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High Notes On This Day
Not Just ‘Andrea Chénier’ – The Other Umberto Giordano Operas
You know “Andrea Chénier,” but how many other Umberto Giordano operas can you name? Some might remember “Fedora,” or even “Siberia,” thanks to Sonya Yoncheva’s recent performance, but chances are, you might not know that in sum, Giordano composed a total of 13 operas, more than Puccini. But unfortunately, as was the case with a number of other composers of the era not named Puccini, fame came from one work.…
High Notes On This Day
Juan Pons’ Forays Into Rare Operas of Respighi, Giordano, Verdi
Juan Pons, born on August 8, 1946, became one of the greatest underrated baritones of all time, his career associated with a number of major Italian operas such as “Andrea Chénier,” “Aida” and “Rigoletto.” He was always heavily reliable and put together some truly memorable vocal displays during his peak years. He also gave us some great stories, none more famous than his Met “Tosca,” during which he accidentally dislocated…