Nadine Sierra to Be Featured in ‘Weihnachten in Bethlehem’ Concert
On Dec. 24, soprano Nadine Sierra will be featured on the “Weihnachten in Bethlehem”concert on ZDF and The German television channel’s annual program features traditional Christmas music performed in the historic Church of St. Catherine in Bethlehem. This marks the first time that Sierra is featured on the concert and on the broadcast, the soprano will be heard singing "Silent Night" in German. Sierra will join an international cast that includes Anna Maria…
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The Holy Night: Surveying Trends in Christmas Operas Throughout History
We all know the story. The manger. The three wise men. Herod's murder of innocent children. And of course, the birth. Jesus Christ’s origins are a well-documented story for many and the source of great inspiration for artists for centuries. Opera is no different with a plethora of works related to great story. A look back over the history of opera reveals a number of works by obscure composers that…
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10 Albums To Listen To During the Holidays & Christmas From The World’s Best Opera Singers
It’s holiday season and that calls for holiday music. But why settle for listening to your favorite tunes with any old voices when you can have some of finest in history to take you through the merry times. Here is a look at some of the best holiday albums from the world’s greatest opera singers. The Three Tenors -  Christmas Undeniably the most popular ensemble in opera history, this is…