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Q&A: Opera On Tap’s Anne Hiatt On Making A Horror VR Opera
Ever heard of a VR opera? Most opera lovers probably haven't as it is a recent experiment that Opera On Tap has engaged in. The company recently released "The Parksville Murders," an opera that combines music with film and VR. It experiments with voice, sound, and musical styles to create an engrossing and enriching experience. OperaWire sat down with Anne Hiatt, the co-founder of Opera On Tap, about the making…
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Raising the Bar – Opera on Tap Founder and Executive Director Anne Hiatt On VR, Children’s Programs & The Future
Would you go to the opera if you knew it was being performed at a bar? That was the central questioning floating around in the mind of Anne Hiatt in 2005 as she hung out at Freddy's Bar and Backroom, a locale in Brooklyn one night. She was watching a voice student perform and from talking with the bartender, she got her own night to perform. And that is how…