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CD Review: Paterson and Cote’s ‘Three Way’ Not Your Usual Sex Opera
Is it possible to create something risqué yet non-controversial at the same time? Something that tackles sexually-charged topics such as the LGBTQ community, dominatrices, couple swapping and the role of artificial intelligence in relationships? Can all of this be depicted in a way that isn’t preachy or pejorative in these polarizing times? Nobody probably asked themselves these questions but if anyone did, they have an answer in what composer Robert…
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American Modern Recordings To Release World Premiere Recording Of ‘Three Way’
On Nov. 17, 2017, American Modern Recordings will release the world premiere recording of Robert Paterson’s "Three Way." The new record features Nashville Opera conducted by Dean Williamson, and the original cast including Eliza Bonet, Melisa Bonetti, Samuel Levine, Wes Mason, Danielle Pastin, Courtney Ruckman, Jordan Rutter, and Matthew Trevino. The recording was produced by multi-Grammy winning producer Blanton Alspaugh and was recorded at the famed Ocean Way Nashville Studios…