Oper Leipzig Cancels New ‘Tannhäuser’ Production

Oper Leipzig has announced the cancellation of Katharina Wagner’s production of “Tannhäuser.”

In a statement, the company stated, “Due to logistical challenges, it is unfortunately not possible to realize the production of ‘Tannhäuser’ under the direction of Professor Katharina Wagner as initially scheduled. The Oper Leipzig and Professor Wagner deeply regret this, but all involved look forward to a future collaboration: Richard Wagner’s ‘Lohengrin,’ which is expected to premiere in November 2020.”

As a result, the company will perform Calixto Bieto’s 2015 Antwerp production, which was hailed as one of his “best” productions to date.

The production is set to star Burkhard Fritz in the title role, Elisabet Strid as Elizabeth, Kathrin Goring as Venus and Mathias Hausmann as Wolfram. Ukf Schirmer conducts the opera which is set to premiere March 24 and runs through May 27.

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  1. Wow, internal politics remain opaque. Let’s hope Mr Salazar can find out what’s behind this cancellation.

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