Jonas Kaufmann Intends To Sing Full ‘Tristan und Isolde’ In a Few Years

Tenor Jonas Kaufmann is in the midst of singing live performances of the second act of Wagner’s “Tristan Und Isolde,” a work many have been anticipating from the German tenor for many years. 

And while seeing him sing the second act is quite enticing (reviews have been overwhelmingly positive), it seems that he is planning on adding the full role to his repertoire. 

In a recent interview, the tenor stated that he planned to take on the full role in “three years time.”

He added that the opera was a ton of fun to perform.  

Kaufmann is no stranger to the Wagner repertoire and has been lauded for his work in the great composer’s operas. 

Among the works he has performed, to great acclaim, are “Lohengrin,” “Parsifal,” and “Die Walküre.” He has also recorded multiple albums of Wagner works. 

The tenor is slated for a performance of  the second act of “Tristan” at Carnegie Hall this coming week with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  

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