Female Swedish Opera Singers Expose Sexual Harassment In Opera

It looks like Hollywood isn’t the only industry suffering from sexual harassment.

According to the Swedish press, a statement signed by 653 female opera singers in Sweden notes that they suffered harassment and sexual misconduct from prominent figures in the music industry. According to the statement, many of them were verbally assaulted and in some respects, there was attempted rape.

The statement was signed by such luminaries as Anna Larsson, Katarina Dalayman, Erika Sunnegårdh, Miah Persson, Iréne Theorin, Elin Rombo, Katija Dragojevic, Ida Falk Winland, Kerstin Avemo, and Lena Nordin, among others.

The article also notes that the Swedish Radio will broadcast a program that will reveal two prominent teachers at the Swedish Royal Academy of Music as persistent offenders.

In response to the statement, The Royal Swedish Opera General Manager Birgitta Svendén said, “I am pissed, upset and extremely sad to see that there is such a large amount of women who have been exposed.” She also noted that as mezzo-soprano she would add her name to the list noting that the behavior did not surprise her.

The news comes weeks after sexual harassments accusations were made to prominent Hollywood producers and actors as well as political figures.

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